It was a joy to work with the Youthworx Productions team on Age Encounters. Not only did they make a high quality and inspirational film but they treated the topic and the interviewees with respect and dignity. It was fun to work as an intergenerational team on an intergenerational topic. We learnt a lot from each other.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with Youthworx Productions again and would highly recommend them to others.

Dr Briony Dow

National Ageing Research Institute

I could not speak highly enough of the Youthworx team. Their professionalism and high quality work was second to none. Their knowledge and expertise displayed from the beginning with the storyboard writing of the short stories to the final production of the DVD was exemplary. They quickly built a rapport with the students and worked wonders in the short time frame they had with them.

The filming seemed effortless, even though you knew a lot of preparation and time management skills went into it running so smoothly. I would highly recommend Jon, Hayden and the team for any project that involves working with students and school settings.

We have already asked them to produce our next DVD!

Tania Last

School Health Promotion Nurse, Southwestern Region, DEECD

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation enlisted Youthworx Productions to produce a short film for one of our annual community forums. The Youthworx team was incredibly easy to work with; they were flexible to our needs and took charge of creative direction after only a minor briefing from us. On event day, the crew were well prepared and professional. When they invited us to the studio to preview the rough cut, they welcomed our suggestions and made changes for us to preview on the spot. The result was a well-edited, illustrative documentary of our event that we are proud to share with our colleagues and others outside our field.

Shortly after, Youthworx produced a second film as part of a larger research project between our Foundation and several other partners. We have since screened the film at a number of meetings and public events to diverse but equally enthusiastic audiences. In both instances, Youthworx exceeded expectations with a quality product at a quick turnaround, with the added benefit of a very friendly staff to work with.

Yasmeen Abdul-Baki

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Our aim in producing a video of our participant’s experience completing horticultural training and qualifications at Brite Herb Farm, was to reflect some significant highlights of their time in the program.

The Youthworx team captured those learnings and experiences perfectly and through the editing process put together a piece that was both informative and moving. They understood the brief perfectly; their industry experience and professionalism was outstanding.

We are thrilled with the results and really pleased to support an organization that is a social enterprise.

Paras Cristou


We embarked on a two-week filmmaking workshop with the team at Youthworx Productions. We had 8 children making a film about their experiences of homelessness, family breakdown and what’s important to their worlds. The team at Youthworx gave each child to opportunity to make their own film about what matters to them, while collectively working together on a group film project which produced the film, “Flowers in out Garden”, which is in the 2012 Little Big Shots Film Festival.

I cannot describe how kind, patient, attentive and professional the team of filmmakers and youth mentors were in guiding out children through the two weeks. They kept them entertained, engaged, taught them new skills and developed projects that they are very proud of, and even taught us a few things!

I’m constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to work with them and would recommend them to anyone who is wanting to do innovative multimedia projects!

Katrina McAuley

Operations Manager, Merri Outreach Support Service

Youthworkx were able to deliver a high quality film within significant time constraints. There was nothing they couldn’t handle. They approached the film brief with enthusiasm and produced a creative and engaging end product based on a very sensitive controversial topic. It was a joy to work their professional and skilled staff.


We recommend Youthworx to anyone seeking to create film media for their organisation.

Suzan Gencay

Community Legal Education and Law Reform Lawyer, St Kilda Legal Service

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