The Australian Children’s Literature Alliance announced Boori Monty Pryor of the Kunggandji and Birri-gubba nations of Far North Queensland to be one of the two inaugural Australian Children’s Laureates for 2012 and 2013. As Laureate, Boori will be an ambassador promoting literature and love of stories in schools throughout Australia.

STORYKEEPERS is a half hour documentary with humor and heart about the power of one Aboriginal storyteller who is creating a radical approach to exciting children of all cultures about story and literature. It will explore where Boori grew from and how it is that he is creating a nation of ‘storykeepers’.

Boori has been performing for school students for more than 20 years accruing an audience of over one million students. We will follow how has he grown from a bare foot kid dodging trouble to a leading figure in the promotion of children’s literature. We will see how are the hearts and minds of so many young Australians touched, who years, sometimes decades later, speak of the experience of meeting Boori as life-changing. These are some of the themes that this documentary film STORYKEEPERS will explore by following Boori for a week in his hometown, Townsville; a week in a remote community in Western Australia; and a week in urban Melbourne working with students at a local primary school.

STORYKEEPERS will be of broadcast quality and made available to schools and tertiary institutions as an invaluable and inspiring resource.

STORYKEEPERS concept has been developed by Meme McDonald and Youthworx Productions with Boori Monty Pryor and the support of the Australian Children’s Literature Alliance


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April 2, 2013

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