We have the pleasure of announcing that our 2010 film ‘Warrima’ is now available for Vimeo OnDemand.

Read the following for an official description of Warrima:

“Warrima – is about dance – warrima – and how ancient ways still move the feet of young indigenous men across Australia. From the train lines and graffiti walls of urban Melbourne, Koori Youth Will Shake Spears travel to the rainforest of Far North Queensland to dance alongside their ‘cousins’ Mayi Wunba. Warrima is about culture and it’s about survival. It’s about young people staying strong. It’s about contemporary ‘songlines’ and it’s about knowing who you are.

Warrima has been developed as a companion to the newly released book Shake A Leg by acclaimed author Boori Pryor and illustrator Jan Ormerod and is directed by writer/director Meme McDonald.

Warrima will get you dancing.”

Click here to rent or purchase the film now!

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