InSite was a cross cultural and collaborative filmmaking project for young people presented by Youthworx Media, Brunswick. Spanning 3 different groups over 12 months, with 30 young people and more than 10 cultures, InSite yielded 11 great participant-produced films and one Youthworx Productions produced documentary about the project.

Through InSite, young storytellers and digital creators from backgrounds including Hazara, Indian, Vietnamese, Indigenous Australian and South Sudanese gained new skills in digital production and presented their films, music videos and documentaries to the world. InSite workshops were delivered by professional filmmakers and mentors who assisted participants to script, shoot and edit their own original works.

Participants were encouraged to draw on their experiences of culture, identity and resilience for content. Content created includes documentaries about refugee survival, social experiments addressing racism, different social definitions of beauty and music videos for songs about cultural freedom and identity.

Today, the long awaited doco along with the participants films are finally available online!
You can rent or buy the doco here!

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