We are pleased to announce a micro-doco we recently produced for Displacement Solutions, an organisation that works to empower displaced people and refugees to exercise their right to return and have restored to them their original homes, lands and properties. DS works together with and on behalf of people who have been displaced not only by conflict, forced eviction or other human rights abuses, but also natural disaster, climate change or other circumstances beyond their control. DS assists in finding alternative solutions such as compensation or resettlement if this is their wish.

Displacement Solutions recently called on us to document the finalisation of their document The Peninsula Principles, the Principles take into consideration that individual communities are expected to play a fundamental role in organising themselves and outlining their future needs in regards to a looming – or ever present – climate displacement threat. Representatives from Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Egypt, Tunisia and the US came together in Red Hill, Victoria and shared their backgrounds and expertise in International Law, migration, forced migration, environmental change and UN policy creation to strengthen and stand behind the Peninsula Principles as the first formal policy of its kind in the world.

For more info please visit the Displacement Solutions website for the official announcement at this link!

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