We here at Youthworx Productions are excited to finally announce a project we’re developing. ‘NORTH’ is a proposed teen drama series that will follow a character named Chris along with his group of friends who live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The show will be focused on the lives and struggles of this group on their journey from teen recklessness to adulthood. The concept and script for North has been compared to the likes of the UK’s E4 teen drama ‘Skins’.

We as an organisation believe so strongly in the potential of this project and want nothing more than to see it made, so in light of that today we are launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign for this project, so if you believe in the project like we do and want to see ‘NORTH’ on your TV sometime soon, it would be immensely appreciated if you could donate to our campaign; any amount counts big or small because it brings us one step closer to getting this out there!

The project is being brought to life primarily by our very own Hayden Layton, here’s what he had to say…
“As somebody who has grown up in the northern suburbs, I’ve seen a way of life that I don’t think all of Melbourne can relate to. I grew up around a lot of racism and homophobia, and almost inevitably drugs and alcohol. People I knew growing up haven’t strayed too far from the way of life they knew; a lot of people drop out of school, have kids young and get dead end jobs, and unfortunately the cycle seems to continue with their kids.

I was lucky enough to step outside of that lifestyle and mindset, and push forward and further. I had some massively eye-opening experiences growing up in the north, and that’s really made me who I am today. We’re raising funds to make this pilot of North so that down the track we can apply for funding to make a full season, and ensure that us young people have a voice where we can output a raw and honest portrayal of teen life in Melbourne.”

For more information please visit www.pozible.com/northpilot

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